Shop Face Lift!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
So after reading threw all the awesome Etsy Success emails I've been trying to update my shop! The info can all be found over on the Etsy Success Team page , so go check it out. You'll thank them for it.

One of the things I decided to do was get a new banner, business card, and a sticker. I enlisted the help of an amazing girl named Leena (Etsy name noodle) from Lucy's Treasures, another awesome Etsy shop owner! She created some gorgeous graphics for me. Thanks again Leena! If your in need of great graphics send her a convo and tell her I sent you! Here's the banner she made me...
The next project is having a friend of mine model my jewelry for me so I can use my amateur photography skills to take the pictures lol. I figured that would be much easier than trying to take the pictures of myself. So keep checking back at my shop for some new I just need to find time in my busy schedule to get them taken.



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